Great marketing in China is a blend of dynamic creativity and regimented process. Too much of either can produce ineffective but expensive results. Our industry experience has enabled us to perfect this mix.


      We have marketing down to an art and science in China market, which continues to be a very attractive, yet organized and clarified emerging market. A thorough, methodical approach with creativity yields the best results. Unlike many other agencies that cling to a single, overhyped idea, we take a comprehensive approach, evaluating every aspect of your enterprise and incorporating it into your project with a very clear and shared strategy in China.


      We tailor our programs to the specific needs of each client. We are a full service company capable of creating comprehensive marketing programs and executing them down to the last detail. We ensure that your business gets in front of the right people.


      We believe that establishing a strong and lasting relationship with a client is paramount to success. The longer a partnership between an agency and client last the more beneficial it becomes.


      One of our very unique marketing approaches is integrating new media marketing into marketing program.


      Tired of finding the right company or tired of juggling multiple agencies? CarinaLi Group will handle everything, leaving you to do what's most important: running your business.