About Us


      Carina Li Group in New York with offices in Beijing and London, specializes in marketing, branding and selling international products and services into mainland China. We focus on apparel brands including footwear, handbag and accessories. With our business model, we are able to develop smart strategy and implement it to touch every segment of retail distribution from luxury market to mass market in mainland China.


      Our Business Model is comprehensively designed for sales increase, marketing and branding. Considering the hot China market with quick changes and variety of consumer habits, it is tailored to creatively open and add more sales channels nationwide with integration of retail store distribution, e-commerce and club house in Mainland China.


      Adapting our "in China, for China" strategy will help you achieve a long term business profitability and growth in China, which has a perfect combination of a large diverse market and a good manufacturing environment.


      Our creative and profoundly experienced team in US and China will succeed your growth strategy in China.


      To learn more and find out how it would fits your company's strategy, please contact info@CarinaLiGroup.com or use our contact page to send your request. Thank you!